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The element of Chinese ancient construction¡ª¡ªcolumn and girder of flush gable roof type

Author£º AddDate£º2015/3/14

The Chinese ancient construction, one the most treasured heritages that ancestors leave to us, has millennial cultural and humanistic connotations. All of the construction elements are extremely exquisite and elegant, with pretty high research and appreciation value. It deserves relevant building practitioners to study, research, inherit and develop.


The structural feature of Chinese ancient architecture is mainly timber frame with various forms. Timer frame architecture in flush gable roof type is similar with modern roof and its two gables and roof are completely closed and integrated. Besides, the timer frame is a kind of construction form built in the gable. According to the number of house purlin, it can be classified into 5 types from 5 purlins to 9 purlins. Then on the basis of whether it has corridor or not and corridor location, it can be divided into Jilinwu (front and back) and gallery flush gable roof.


Column and girder have always been the important part of architecture in whatever era. In the ancient architecture with flush gable roof type, the column, according to its location and function, can be divided into eave column (can further be divided into front and back eave column), gold column (called as interior column in Song Dynasty), Gua column (also named as child column). Besides, it has more sophisticated name and function in this kind of construction: frame girder (people in Song Dynasty call it Yuanfu), Baotou girder (Rufu), Sui girder, interspersed square column, etc.