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The lighting performance of ancient architecture design

Author£º AddDate£º2015/3/14

There are three maters need attention of the lighting performance when designing ancient architecture.


It is a relatively high demand for ancient construction company to know how to display the lighting performance of ancient architecture design. As we all know, the electric power is not fully developed in the ancient time, therefore there lacks a clear definition of the profile performance in ancient construction design as well as the visual effect at night. However, with the development of the modern society, designers in ancient construction company begin to consider the representation way of some famous ancient buildings at night. Here are the two reasons explaining why ancient architecture gets development. Firstly, the designing concept of historical building is in constant updates. Secondly, it will never develop without profit drive under the commercialization background of the modern society. In the whole designing procedure of ancient architecture, the lighting performance is closely linked with the architecture¡¯s type, color and layout. The architects have all adopted lighting as the technique of expression from ancient large buildings to the current archaistic gatehouse, antique memorial archway, and ancient archway and bar, pavilion, artificial hill and corridor.

Then how should we design the ancient architectures to completely display its expression? Here we put forward four considerations to help you better grasp the lighting effect of ancient buildings.

Firstly, you have to know a thing or two of the historical culture of ancient construction before accomplishing the lighting effect. You are not required to be proficient but at least you should learn the key concept of the romantic charm of ancient architecture. The lighting design, which is just the same as the philosophy of ancient building design, should be carefully treated. ¡°Respect and present classics¡± is the core of display technique of Chinese ancient architecture lighting design, whose basic demand is to grasp the key point of lighting according to the building¡¯s usage function, architecture style, structure feature, decoration material, pattern and the construction environment on the basis of comprehensively learning about the world¡¯s ancient architectures. Here, we should also combine the classification of each ancient building. For instance, the lighting design concepts of archaistic gatehouse and archway are different from pavilion, corridor and artificial hill. In the fundamental sense, the ancient architecture design should combine the feature of modern lighting based on traditional ideology. Some buildings adopt incandescent light for the layout while some use LED light to highlight the outline. The Chinese ancient architecture is one of the embodiments of Chinese culture and each construction pattern has its own specific expression of historical background meaning. For example, there are corresponding provisions for the height and form of residences, or even the roof¡¯s color and decoration according to the level and identity of house owners. These rules are unbridgeable and indestructible. Under this circumstance, the first thing to do well in ancient architecture design is to comprehend the construction with an admiring manner to express the classic architecture.



Secondly, the lighting layout shall be particular about the combination of lightness, darkness, deficiency and excess. In this aspect, we shall highlight the key points and weaken the foil parts through flexible ways instead of using equal strength when presenting lighting layout. In the modern society, form of most buildings adopts three-dimensional stature. Therefore, we cast the light beam on the construction itself to mold the building, and its night scene is reflected through the formation of entity type; However, Chinese ancient architectures are a bit different. Most of them make courtyard as the basic unit, and then further combine into the architectural group. In this sense, the lighting object becomes the yard which is only a space. When reflecting the yard, we have to carry out the lighting design of its surrounding ancient buildings, which means that the lighted one is the tangible construction while the reflected one is the ¡°virtual¡± courtyard. As we can see, ¡°making the virtual one to foil the real one¡± is another technique that need understanding in the field of ancient architecture lighting design. We shall pay special attention to the problem of ¡°line drawing¡± of the light which is applied when designing the ancient architecture. However, it is not a good way to display the outline of the construction with bright line by means of ¡°line drawing¡± all the time. What we really should do is to show the ancient architecture¡¯s light and shade, deficiency and excess from far and near with sense of depth.


Thirdly, designers shall constantly adjust and debug the light. In the designing world, you could always pursue better. When conducting the lighting layout, it¡¯s better for designers to carry out effective communication with ancient architecture company or the construction personnel to timely make adjustment on the scene so as to achieve the best effect in the end.