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The construction feature of ancient architectures

Author£º AddDate£º2015/3/14

There is a close relation between the feature of Chinese ancient architectures and the society morphology and technology level at that time. We here mainly summarize as the following three points:


Firstly, complete timber frame system: The main construction way of China¡¯s ancient architectures is the timber frame, through which, people create various unique planes and appearances.

Secondly, unique group combinations form: People in ancient time make ¡°room¡± as the basic unit, then further construct into ¡°courtyard¡±, and finally form various architectural groups. Under most circumstances, balanced and symmetrical way will be generally adopted by builders who carry out the actual planning along the longitudinal and lateral axis. There¡¯s also another way to build houses: regard one large building as the center and construct courtyard to surround it, making the layout unique and innovative.

Thirdly, beautiful shape with gorgeous color: Chinese ancient construction art pays attention to delicate form. The combination of various roofs will always make a distinction between the important and the lesser one. When strengthening the appeal of art, such changeful form also creates the august and grand atmosphere. In the south which is with picturesque scenery, the ancient construction can perfectly fit in the natural environment, forming simple and elegant style which is different from the royal luxury manner. Besides, the exquisite carving, cocked roof angle and swinging bracket set have all made the ancient architectures vividly and lively, making them extremely sophisticated.