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Chinese ancient architectural art -- courtyard

Author: AddDate:2014/5/7

Records from ancient literature, painting in the ancient architectural image until the existing ancient buildings, ancient architecture of China organized a concise in plane layout, this is each residential, office buildings, palaces, temples and so on, are composed of a plurality of single building and a few Wai Gallery, surrounded by walls, into a courtyard. Generally speaking, the majority of the courtyard are around together, through the front yard to yard, this is Chinese feudal society "respect for seniority, product differentiated" ideology. The main characters in the home, or shall be cut off from the outside world characters (such as young girls of noble family), they tend to live in a far away from the outer courtyard, which formed a hospital and a deep space organization. The Song Dynasty Ou Yangxiu "Dielianhua" word in the "courtyard deep deep?" Words, the ancients had to "door like sea" to describe the bureaucrat abode, it vividly illustrates China building important features in the layout.

At the same time, the group and the layout of the courtyard, generally adopt balanced way, along the longitudinal axis (also known as the anteroposterior axis) is designed and the horizontal axis. The more important buildings are arranged in the longitudinal axis, the secondary housing the horizontal axis on both sides of it around, the Beijing the Imperial Palace group layout and Northern courtyard is a classic example of the most can reflect the group layout principles. This layout is closely related with the Chinese feudal patriarchal and feudal system. It's easy on the patriarchal and hierarchical feudal ideas, in the housing also shows significant differences between men and women, old and young.

This courtyard Chinese group layout of the artistic effect, compared with European architecture, has its unique artistic charm. Generally speaking, a European architecture, is stick out a mile. And Chinese ancient architecture, but as a China painting scroll, must be a gradually show view, can not see all. Walked into the Chinese ancient buildings can only from a yard into a garden, must all go to read. An example of the Imperial Palace in Beijing is the most outstanding, people from the Tiananmen inside, each through a door, into a courtyard garden; by this one go that one, house, a step scenery in transformation, give a person with deep feelings. The Imperial Palace's artistic image is deeply in people's mind.