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Distinguish the palace, hall, pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, Taiwan, building, room, terrace, veranda

Author£º AddDate£º2014/4/26


Is a place of residence, the ancient private residence called "Palace"; public office reception, meeting place called "temple". The house as we now living room, palace is your bedroom. And the temple and church, now often called hall, hall; his own house, known as the palace.


Is the name for the main building of residential buildings, the general is the head of a residence, but also as a family celebrations of the place. Hall located in the buildings of the axis line, shape neat, beautiful decoration. Common indoor partition board, ground cover, shelf space segmentation. Sometimes also the temple.


Small volume, modeling chic, any place built in the garden, its main use is for rest, take shelter from the rain. The pavilion has the advantages of simple structure, the column body consists of semi transparent open, wall. From the pavilion, the plane of view, can be divided into regular polygon, rectangle and nearly rectangular Pavilion Pavilion, round booths and nearly circular Pavilion, combined Pavilion and so on, from the stereo configuration, can be divided into single, double eaves and eaves eaves type three.


Is one of the oldest forms of landscape architecture, the early stage is a kind of rammed earth buildings towering, ancient palace built in Taiwan. Classical gardens in later evolved into the terrace in front of the hall, namely the platform.


Is more than two houses, it is "the heavy layer said," said. After building location in the Ming Dynasty are mostly located in the hall, in the garden of generally used as a bedroom, study or to watch the scenery. Because of high building, often become a scene in the garden, especially in the water back mountain case is even more so.


An overhead small building, square, six angle or octagonal, usually with two layer, a China traditional buildings. With the building of approximation, but relatively small. The plane for a square or polygon, for the two storey building, surrounded by the window. Its characteristics are usually located around the hole or rail corridors, for recreation, overlooking, collections and for the use of buddha. Sometimes refers to the woman's bedroom.


Window chamber or gallery; to open long for the characteristics of the building; also used as a study, the teahouse name


The general is a studio, or reading a book.


The building, in which people leaning against the railing to admire the scenery. With the king and set, in addition to water, some are also located among the flowers. Terrace not only set up and the water, and in the south water north, line of sight viewing. Building in the south, the water in the north, the scene is; if otherwise, then the water reflecting the sun, very dazzling, but the opposite view is Yang back, also not good. In addition, pavilions set bar at the waterside, seat rail, also called by beauty, Wu Wangkao, it is the king of Wu and beauty Xi Shi scenic viewing of Wu Yue, which is the cultural. The beauty of the poetry description against the railing, raise the cultural connotation.


In a column, some railings. The gallery is indoor material function is not affected by the intrusion of more rain, autumn is not affected by the hot sun. But from the architectural art, is to increase the level of space. In addition, the gallery itself as an indoor and outdoor seems like "grey" space, more subtle, so many buildings are located in the garden gallery.

The gallery has a lot of types, in addition to the above form, and also a separate set Gallery, some around the mountain, some edge water, some in a meadow. There are complex Gallery, which is in the middle of the wall, the wall located on both sides of the wall opened window, corridor, people on both sides, through the window can be seen between the king, this is the garden space art.