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About Yuanjing

  Changzhou Yuanjing Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou - a city at the south bank of China's Yangtze River. Yangtze River of South China is the birthplace of Chinese Jiangnan garden, long affected by the Chinese traditional gardening thought of art.

  Yuanjing has more than 10 years of management in the process of the formation with high-quality team-a large number of skilled craftsman and unique engineering designers, taking more than a decade to build antique pavilions, terraces, open halls, temples, gate memorial arch, parks and hotels in various parts of China antique buildings, royal gardens, private gardens, indoor decoration, classical ancient tempera paint, restoration of cultural relics and plastic rockery stone, antique engineering and lastly, landscape construction.

  While still in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Germany and other countries with different regions to build the pavilion, classical attic, courtyard, temples and arch antique buildings, thus, having rich experience in overseas construction.

  Yuanjing Landscape strength is in the ability to transform man-made scenes into natural scenes. It has managed to include the essence of Chinese culture, delicate, exquisite artistry, delicacy and elegant installation, creating an excellent ambiance for man and nature in a heavenly garden of nature. 

  The company adheres to the concept of "Professional, Focused, Refined and Realistic" and takes faith as the first purpose. We are committed to offering the customers perfect service with a strong sense of delicate art.